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Best man’s speech? Presenting to the board? Speaking at a conference? If you want to speak like a pro, learn from them with Insider Secrets of Public Speaking by Nadine Dereza and Ian Hawkins.

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Great Women: a personal list #2

Last year, the family said goodbye to my wonderful grandmother, Peg, whose birthday was Christmas Day. Though I also associate her with Shrove Tuesday, as it was during one catastrophic pancake flip that she taught me how to swear like a sailor. Continue reading “Great Women: a personal list #2”

Great Women: a personal list #1

To mark 100 years since (some) women were granted the right to vote, I thought I’d celebrate some of the women in my life who’ve made it substantially better. Kicking off: Nadine Dereza.

Continue reading “Great Women: a personal list #1”

This Detail Matters

You learn a lot as you go along in this professional writing business. Most of the time the learning is instinctual, and occasionally you’re asked to codify it for an article or an audience. It’s an uncomfortable process, and then you find that whatever you’ve picked up in the writing school of hard clichés was said years ago by Stephen King.

Here is one thing that I’ve never heard before, and like the irritating click baiter I long to be, I’m going to put it after the jump. Continue reading “This Detail Matters”

My QI Moment in Panama

Why is the Panama Canal in Panama? Why isn’t it the Nicaragua Canal (as originally intended)? Continue reading “My QI Moment in Panama”

Whose story now?

If the UK general election was ‘all about Brexit’ what does the current confusion tell us?

Continue reading “Whose story now?”

Frankly my dear, I don’t give a ****

There are many things in the world today that can get one’s ire, and so I am always delighted that I stop at the apostrophised plurals and malapropisms rather than getting into a proper lather about, say, the US election. Continue reading “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a ****”


I so wanted Bernie but settled for Clinton

And now I am landed with Trump.

I made my own meme

I retweeted HuffPo

I liked your status and forwarded fact checks,

Called up the podcasters

Clicked on the link

And forwarded



And joked

And told everyone that it

Just wasn’t possible

And Clinton would be

The first woman president.

So I didn’t



Exam Results: an adult writes

As trembling teenagers the length of this land rip open envelopes with expectant fingers, I think it’s time to play Bad Uncle and reveal a small truth that is often denied to young people. Continue reading “Exam Results: an adult writes”

Practice What You Pecha Kucha: 3 real-world lessons

Theory is all very well gentle reader, but the saying goes that the best theory is no match for observed data. Beware, then, of those in the peanut gallery who tell you what you should be doing onstage without troubling themselves to stand in the spotlight themselves.

Mea culpa: I have just done exactly this. Almost.  Continue reading “Practice What You Pecha Kucha: 3 real-world lessons”

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