One day – three shows

A quiet run around the mountain this morning, punctuated by meeting a Weimaraner, making angular darts for the soft, curved bunnies, and a phalanx of soldiers in formation running in the other direction. By the time we met up again on the other side of the mountain, the formation had broken up into runners, joggers, walkers and assorted stragglers. Determined tomorrow I will go clockwise and see which group I fit into.

Gig 1: back to John Conway at Cabaret Voltaire. John is in the unfortunate position of starting his show with one comic to put on (me). ‘Take fifteen minutes,’ he said, though a bunch of other comedians arrived just after I went onstage, and I got the wind-up sign at five minutes. A lovely crowd, very enthusiastic, and I pretty much did chat rather than material in case I had to cut short – which I did. I don’t mind giving up the stage to someone like Benjamin Crellin, though – the excellent NZ comic who did a great pic of me in the venue.

On my way to gig 2, ran into Magdelena, the audience member from yesterday, who is playing the harp at the jazz club. She had the instrument balanced perilously at the top of the stairs. I helped her down with it (such a gentleman; I’m either pushing people up things, or carrying harps down things). It wasn’t so much the weight, as the thought of how expensive harps are. Ridiculous instrument. Considering the hassle I have with my guitar (let alone the double bass) if I had my time again, I’d learn the piccolo.

Gig 2: Ciao Roma, hosted by Raph. This gig is normally run by his housemate, but today he was taken ill. A strange, underground, echoing room, where you’re likely to be disturbed by kitchen noises and there is a quote from Mussolini on the wall. I did my bit then popped off to meet N before Aaron Twitchen took the stage. Two gays in the same hour – will Edinburgh survive?

Raph tells me after I left it went a bit crazy.

Met N in Belushi’s, then dropped things off at the flat before heading to Grassmarket for dinner.

Gig 3. Everything is Purple. Lovely, supportive crowd. Raph and I have even toying for some time with doing a ‘drunk night’ – today was ‘mildly tipsy night’. Not drunk enough to make the night crazy, but then, not sober enough to be absolutely sharp.

Three put of three shows went well, then. So there goes my theory about only one a day working as it should!

In other news: a corporate event has come in. Brilliant glasses makers, Kirk Originals, have asked me to warm up at a party for Chris Difford. I have bitten their hand off. They are paying me in glasses. Last time I owned a pair of Kirk Orignals and had to meet someone, I would simply tell them, ‘You’ll recognise me. I’m the one wearing the best glasses in the room.’ And I was always right.

    Everything Is Purple
    Nightly at 22.10
    Venue Dragonfly
    PBH free fringe

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