Another Trio of Hawkins

I’m not entirely sure what expensive sportswear is supposed to do for you apart from make you looks stupid. The run around the mountain was a struggle today, in no way enhanced by my new tight black running shirt, which, if anything, made me look a little bit like an orca.

The Fringe Flu has reached some sort of crescendo: sweaty, sore throat and shaky hands, but by the evening, sustained only by a satsuma and a vanilla Frijj, I was starting to feel normal again.

Elise Harris MCs an afternoon showcase at the Southsider, so I went out and did my five minutes to encourage people to come to see Purple, ‘If I’m still alive.’

Tonight, The Dragonfly was packed, and Pete Dillon-Trenchard was our guest. Completely perfect, he’s got such a good line in nerd humour that went down a storm. By the time I was on the room had heated up, so audience response was a bit muted, but they really enjoyed it. I felt a return to form. Glad I’ve taken a recording to sustain me through dark days.

Then on to C Nova to host cabaret. The Wonderful Sisters did close harmony innuendo, Aaron Twitchen was appropriately camp and Daniel Ryan Spalding did a routine that went, shall we say, to the line. A strange audience of mostly straight people at a show branded LGBT cabaret. Very few at the beginning, we got a crowd of younger latecomers… Just after I’d set up a few running jokes.

Afterwards, Aaron felt it a strange atmosphere, and Daniel told me he was big in Norway. ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘so is clubbing seals to death.’ Which was a nice enough ad lib to end the show on.

I have one more week up here. I think I’m getting homesick, just as the Fringe Flu is abating… I am looking forward to getting a few more good shows under my belt, and tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, so a day in the park is called for.


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