Last Day

A packed last day – though not quite as packed as planned. By 10am I was at Bobby Carroll’s aptly named Hungover Comedy, but we pulled when only one punter showed up. A shame, but it gave me a last chance to say hello to a few people and write up the blog.

Then on to John Conway’s Lunch, which was a nearly full house. I rambled through a few bits and pieces. Shades of last night’s barely-organised free-wheeling, I had fun trying to learn how to high five (I still haven’t mastered this apparently simple and, for Raph, entirely automatic action) and did a very old joke with my hand sanitizer. I don’t think I’ve done the hand-san bit for a year, at least.

Caught the end of Raph’s show. Loads of energy, lots of laughs, a very strong end to the run for them, I thought.

Just time for a quick lunch and popped back to the flat for a shower, then on to Quiz in my Pants. Much stronger showing from me this time: my team won the quiz and (for my ego, more importantly) the stand-up section against strong competition from Aaron Twitchen. I did the gay Star Wars bit.

Evening show was, I thought, a bit anti-climactic. I had wanted another performance like last night, but for some reason the energy was wrong, and I sort of coasted by on auto-pilot. A 90% performance, which was fine – I got away with it – but it didn’t have the energy or exuberance of yesterday. My timing was slightly off, and I wasn’t my usual, interactive, chatty self, maybe because I felt Raph had already done a great job with crowd work at the beginning. I guess I’ll have to work on pulling that sort of thing out of the hat somehow. I know it’s in there, somewhere, I just need to find the keys for that particular lock. Tiredness? Possibly. Over analysis? Almost certainly.

Someone who doesn’t have any trouble pulling things out of hats is one Terry Alderton, who we bumped into on the way home. He’s an alarmingly physical comic – completely unlike me in every way which is probably why I admire him so much. He said he has to learn everything, then ‘forget’ it and bring it all back in the moment when he’s on stage. He’s a force of nature. I should watch more of his stuff: it’s the invention and anarchy and energy that he brings to performances that make him so remarkable.

This is the last blog for a while: I’m on holiday! Elise Harris said the last show is always an anti-climax, and she’s right. It’s been a very good run: I’ve made and met friends from all over the world, met some heroes, had some great shows, had some duds, learned a lot, some of which won’t have sunk in yet.

If you’ve been following, I hope it was all ok/interesting/useful, and if not – well what have you been following me for? Go outside. Get some sunshine. Life is short. Make love and eat an orange.

I wish you peace love and enlightenment x



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