Maharaja Fillet

Even a simple trip to the shops can be an eye opening experience.

Deciding on a lazy day, and making good on my promise to cook Sunday dinner, I returned to Chelsea Market via the High Line, a disused railway that has been turned into a walkway-cum-park down the west side of Manhattan. Several storeys off the ground, you get views of the Hudson and the city, there are numerous nooks and benches, and dozens of different themes to the plantings, from formal flower beds to wild grasses, trees and shrubs. It’s a real mix of the old and new.

The project isn’t yet finished, but it has already become a favourite with joggers, tourists and locals who want to escape the city for a bit. You can’t ignore it, obviously, but above the streets, there is a detachment to be had from sitting in a shaded bench and watching a bee at work.

I opted for roast lamb with brussels, parsnips and parmesan chicory. To start, a Maharaja fillet, an Indian take on the better-known Tsar fillet.

The theory is, you take your salmon fillet, marinade it in lemon juice, wrap it in clingfilm and pop it in the fridge with a heavy book on top overnight. I didn’t have time for that, so I got the fillet sliced thinly, put the pieces into a ziplock bag, and added lemon juice with garlic, ginger, coriander and cardamom. I put the bag between two plates with the iced tea jug on top in the fridge and by the time the lamb was done, so was the fish.

I’m pleased to say it worked, though to my taste a touch of heat would’ve helped it a bit, so experiment with chilli if you’re trying this at home!


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