Stoned & Stuffed

A jaunt up 7th Avenue may have left me looking a million dollars, but it was in well used notes.

And so I returned to the bosom of the Equinox gym for a hot stone massage. If you’re there for treatments, you can use the gym facilities – if you’re still capable of doing anything other than lolling about after being gently pulled and pummelled, stiff muscles proving little match for lumps of rock.

Thoroughly stoned, I walked across Central Park to see the zoo before coming back to my senses and realising it was gone two and I was hungry… and I’d been in NYC for six days without a pizza. There’s only one remedy in such a case: Lombardi’s.

Lombardi’s claims to be the first pizzeria in NYC, and their clam pie is a must-try. No tomatoes, no cheese, it’s a big simple base with garlic butter, parsley, and a lot of clams. The restaurant itself, considerably expanded into the basement from the original corridor of tables and back-to-back chairs was packed, and not just with tourists like me. Plenty of locals drop by to eat, and although pizza is a difficult thing to get wrong, it’s also pretty tricky getting it this right.

A walk back through SoHo, the streets jumble together below the grid, mostly low-rises. It feels like an enclave, separate from the rest of the city, with leafy corners and big name shops on small premises. A very agreeable way to walk off an indulgent lunch.

Unfortunately there was nowhere to walk off the Austrian delights of Wallse. All I will say is the melon and lobster soup was indescribable and it went up from there.


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