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Great Women: a personal list #2

Last year, the family said goodbye to my wonderful grandmother, Peg, whose birthday was Christmas Day. Though I also associate her with Shrove Tuesday, as it was during one catastrophic pancake flip that she taught me how to swear like a sailor. Continue reading “Great Women: a personal list #2”


Great Women: a personal list #1

To mark 100 years since (some) women were granted the right to vote, I thought I’d celebrate some of the women in my life who’ve made it substantially better. Kicking off: Nadine Dereza.

Continue reading “Great Women: a personal list #1”

My QI Moment in Panama

Why is the Panama Canal in Panama? Why isn’t it the Nicaragua Canal (as originally intended)? Continue reading “My QI Moment in Panama”

Whose story now?

If the UK general election was ‘all about Brexit’ what does the current confusion tell us?

Continue reading “Whose story now?”

Exam Results: an adult writes

As trembling teenagers the length of this land rip open envelopes with expectant fingers, I think it’s time to play Bad Uncle and reveal a small truth that is often denied to young people. Continue reading “Exam Results: an adult writes”


So recently, we said goodbye to Ray Tomlinson, the man who took the hither-to little-used ‘@’ symbol and put it at the heart of modern communications. In any single email I send, there are at least four of the little curly characters: Continue reading “RIP…email?”

Old Jokes: Humour & History

How many times do we see a historian on TV pull a shard of pottery out of the ground and describe the social milieu in which it was shaped, fired and used? Answer: thanks to dumbing down, a lot less often than we used to. Continue reading “Old Jokes: Humour & History”

Trump Town

New York doesn’t need me to tell her she is one hell of a town. To avoid all doubt, I can confirm that yes, the Bronx is up, and the Battery is most unequivocally down. Which brings us round to the holes in the ground.

Continue reading “Trump Town”

The Fury and The Anger

I may have acted hastily in clicking the e-petition to get Tyson Fury off the BBC Sports Personality of the Year shortlist. Continue reading “The Fury and The Anger”

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