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Whose story now?

If the UK general election was ‘all about Brexit’ what does the current confusion tell us?

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So recently, we said goodbye to Ray Tomlinson, the man who took the hither-to little-used ‘@’ symbol and put it at the heart of modern communications. In any single email I send, there are at least four of the little curly characters: Continue reading “RIP…email?”

Trump Town

New York doesn’t need me to tell her she is one hell of a town. To avoid all doubt, I can confirm that yes, the Bronx is up, and the Battery is most unequivocally down. Which brings us round to the holes in the ground.

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The Fury and The Anger

I may have acted hastily in clicking the e-petition to get Tyson Fury off the BBC Sports Personality of the Year shortlist. Continue reading “The Fury and The Anger”

5 things you DO (and DON’T) say to the journalist on your doorstep

So your joke about the black one-legged lesbian did not go down well on the Today programme, and even though you rendered John Humphrys speechless, the media have found their voice and are camped outside your home right now demanding a statement.

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The 7 Stages of TwitterStorms

Today’s headlines are tomorrow’s chip wrappers. Careers have often been defined by the press they generate – from John Profumo to John ’two jags’ Prescott – and in a world of 24/7 social media, bad press is there for the taking. Continue reading “The 7 Stages of TwitterStorms”

A Shackled Scotland?

So the people of a Scotland have rejected independence. ‘Yes’ supporters, including good friends, are asking if they are the first country to ever make such a decision. Continue reading “A Shackled Scotland?”

Tat For Tot

As my imaginary wife took my imaginary newborn son to the doctor’s, I took his imaginary newborn sister to the tattoo parlour. Continue reading “Tat For Tot”

Official: does not contain ‘Olympics’ ‘London 2012’ or five rings

Following a flurry of Tweets from me that reasonably accurately communicated the froth I was in over the Olympics, I got a message back from a genuine Paralympic hero:

@Marc_Woods There is so much that the media or politicians don’t talk about because it’s not gloomy enough or doesn’t win votes

Marc is of course right: carping about the mismanagement of the Olympics and Paralympics is to deny the work and achievements of a generation of sportspeople, some unknown today but who will, come September, doubtless be household names. Perhaps I’m just British and so unused to enthusiasm, but I was properly pleased when we won the bid, I have met and know athletes who have conveyed what the Olympics mean to them, and yes, I have sat next to Seb Coe on an aeroplane and said: ‘These Olympics… They are going to be fantastic aren’t they?’

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