Ian Hawkins, coach.
Ian Hawkins, coach.
Ian Hawkins coaches individuals and groups in public speaking. Working with speakers of all abilities and backgrounds, Ian helps clients who want to motivate, move, inspire and entertain audiences.

With experience as a booker of talent for conferences, dinners and corporate events, Ian has a deep insight into the relationship between speaker and audience. He has written business speeches, stand up comedy and scripts for live events, radio and TV, and is also an award-winning speaker* in his own right. Sessions tackle storytelling, nerves, structure, confidence, stage presence and delivery.

Ian’s book Insider Secrets of Public Speaking, has been hailed as ‘required reading’ and ‘good, clear, straight advice, exceptionally well-written.’ (Matthew Parris)

* Toastmasters International Contest UK & Ireland Final Bronze Award 2013

Client comments.

I cannot recommend him highly enough.

FT, How To Spend It

The UK’s most trusted speaker coach.

Square Mile

Ian’s expertise has without doubt enabled me to improve my delivery and produce better performances.

Jason Gardener MBE

Each year, Ian gives the SOAS students invaluable advice on making their presentations come alive.

SOAS, University of London

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