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Insider Secrets of Public Speaking – on sale now

Best man’s speech? Presenting to the board? Speaking at a conference? If you want to speak like a pro, learn from them with Insider Secrets of Public Speaking by Nadine Dereza and Ian Hawkins.

Recommended by the UK’s top speakers and agents, #ISOPS gives practical solutions to real-world problems – from hecklers to broken microphones.

Available now at Amazon UK and

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5 things you DO (and DON’T) say to the journalist on your doorstep

So your joke about the black one-legged lesbian did not go down well on the Today programme, and even though you rendered John Humphrys speechless, the media have found their voice and are camped outside your home right now demanding a statement.

Continue reading “5 things you DO (and DON’T) say to the journalist on your doorstep”

The 7 Stages of TwitterStorms

Today’s headlines are tomorrow’s chip wrappers. Careers have often been defined by the press they generate – from John Profumo to John ’two jags’ Prescott – and in a world of 24/7 social media, bad press is there for the taking. Continue reading “The 7 Stages of TwitterStorms”

#ISOPS out now!

I am delighted to announce a new arrival – Insider Secrets of Public Speaking is now available from Amazon. Continue reading “#ISOPS out now!”

A Shackled Scotland?

So the people of a Scotland have rejected independence. ‘Yes’ supporters, including good friends, are asking if they are the first country to ever make such a decision. Continue reading “A Shackled Scotland?”

Quick Words on a Slow Watch

When I pushed my face gingerly into the loving embrace of my first pair of Kirk’s, I knew I’d found a new way of looking at the world – and the world was going to find a new way of looking at me. Continue reading “Quick Words on a Slow Watch”

Russell Brand & Me

As I cycled westwards along Piccadilly last week, I spotted Russell Brand walking eastwards, and gave him the little nod that we celebrities give one another. Continue reading “Russell Brand & Me”

Exactly 500 Words on How to Write

One of my favourite distractions from writing – the kind of distraction I actually embrace with a whole heart – is being invited to speak at schools, universities and colleges on my career as a writer. Continue reading “Exactly 500 Words on How to Write”


Could you be my next client? Continue reading “Coaching”

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