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This Detail Matters

You learn a lot as you go along in this professional writing business. Most of the time the learning is instinctual, and occasionally you’re asked to codify it for an article or an audience. It’s an uncomfortable process, and then you find that whatever you’ve picked up in the writing school of hard clich├ęs was said years ago by Stephen King.

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Opening Joke

This morning, I was flattered by an approach from someone I like asking for a little coaching on a speech she was due to make the following day. As we were heading towards the same tube, I took the compliment and asked what the issue was. ‘I’m making a speech on young people and housing credit,’ she said, ‘and I’d like to open with a joke… Do you know any good ones on young people and housing credit?’

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He Stoops, is Bonkers

Laugh. Damn you laugh. Now!

It’s hard to warm to someone making unrealistic demands, and so here follows a cautionary tale with, I hope, useful learning outcomes. It’s not often I write about getting things right (disasters are funnier) but on this occasion I did exactly the right thing. Names and faces have been changed to spare the guilty.
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