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This Detail Matters

You learn a lot as you go along in this professional writing business. Most of the time the learning is instinctual, and occasionally you’re asked to codify it for an article or an audience. It’s an uncomfortable process, and then you find that whatever you’ve picked up in the writing school of hard clich├ęs was said years ago by Stephen King.

Here is one thing that I’ve never heard before, and like the irritating click baiter I long to be, I’m going to put it after the jump. Continue reading “This Detail Matters”


You have your sole trader, we have our sole trader

The tree is up, the presents wrapped, and in the final flurry of getting stuff done I’ve put all my best ideas into the work I was actually paid for. So, if you have low self esteem or are easily bored, by all means read on.

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Making God Giggle

If you want to make God laugh, they say, tell Him your plans. This week, God clearly had taken advantage of His omnipresence to sneak a peek into my diary and work some mischief.

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